Photo: CBR Photography

Connecting With Teens - Seminar

November 24, 2010

Take a Hike Program therapists, Pete Prediger and Klaus Klein were not in the classroom or the great outdoors.  They were at the Creekside Community Centre holding a seminar that helped attendees discover methods to promote closeness with the teen in their life.

When asked what the most valuable thing attendees took away from the event, here is some of what they shared:

"As long as I take the first step towards change, it will eventually lead to changing the negative behaviour."

"Don't allow my son to control my happiness.  Stay in calm when he is emotional.  Acknowledge postive behaviors.  Step back so he can step forward."

"Stay calm, step back. DONT FREAK OUT!"

"I learned to slow things down and not get wound up."

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We thank all of the attendees that provided feedback on this special event, and will take all suggestions and make the next seminar even better!