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Take a Hike Expansion

31 January 2017



Take a Hike Youth at Risk Foundation works in partnership with local school districts and communities to re-engage youth in high-school, help them overcome their barriers to success and graduate with their dogwood diploma. We do this by focusing on the core high-school curriculum, while engaging students with adventure-based learning, community involvement and therapy. Take a Hike students demonstrate markedly improved attendance (most students double their pre-Take a Hike attendance levels), graduation rates of around 80%, and increased social and emotional skills. At the heart of Take a Hike’s transformational changes are the deep relationships that form between students, staff members and the community.


Take a Hike started in Vancouver in 2000 with one classroom and eight students. We grew to two classrooms in 2005, and in 2011 we partnered with Vancouver Foundation and LIFT Philanthropy Partners to undertake a larger scaling initiative. In 2013 we began operations in the West Kootenays with one classroom, and then one classroom in Burnaby in 2014. Take a Hike is actively seeking communities and school districts to partner with to open our fifth classroom in September 2018.


Take a Hike is offered in partnership between the local community, school district and the Take a Hike Foundation. School districts provide all the resources they would normally provide for an alternative education program. Community members raise funds, awareness and support to provide the classroom with a therapist, and adventure-based learning and community engagement activities. The Take a Hike Foundation provides the successful model for program delivery, and staff support and expertise in community engagement and program implementation.


The launch of a Take a Hike program takes about 12-18 months of dedicated work of many people. Desirable attributes of communities and school districts we seek to partner with include:


If your community and school district are interested in partnering with Take a Hike, we’d like to hear from you. To start the process please outline in 1-2 pages:


Expressions of interest will be reviewed as they are received. To be considered for a September 2018 launch EOIs must be received before 31 March 2017. Once your expression of interest is received, we will reach out for an initial telephone conversation to review your submission, as well as the expansion process.


Questions about Take a Hike or the Expression of Interest process can be directed to:


Gordon Matchett, Chief Executive Officer |



Sevan Kadian, Media Coordinator
Take a Hike Youth at Risk Foundation
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