Three Districts Across BC

Since 2000, the Take a Hike alternative education program has been empowering at-risk senior-high students in Vancouver to turn their lives around. The program has since expanded to West Kootenay and Burnaby.

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Our 12th Moonlight Snowshoe raised $57,320

Last week Take a Hike students, staff and supporters came together for a fantastic evening of food, entertainment, and community on Mount Seymour. Thanks to participants and sponsors new and old, the event was a sell-out success in raising support for at-risk youth.

Take a Hike's Moonlight Snowshoe

“For many of these kids the situation had gotten so bad that they were dropping out with no other plans. They just know they couldn’t stay where they were.” - Writer, Eric Jacobsen, shares his Moonlight Snowshoe experience with us!

Teck Trail Operations’ $5000 Sponsorship

Thank you to Teck Trail Operations for their contribution towards the Take a Hike Program for the 2016/17 school year in the West Kootenays, BC. 

Your support will help our students achive great success this year!

Fortis BC Donates $5000 in Support of Safety Training

Fortis BC is proud to sponsor the Take a Hike Youth at Risk Foundation  - Adventure-Based Learning Safety and Education courses in the West Kootenays.


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