Meet Our Team @Vancouver

Tim Gale


As one of the co-founders of Take a Hike in 2000, Tim has been with the program since the beginning. Tim had a vision of combining adventure-based learning and therapy with traditional classroom education to support at-risk youth.

Nick Boulding


 Nick joined Take a Hike in September 2005 to develop the new grade 10 program. He has been working seasonally in the outdoors since 1995 as an outdoor educator, paddling instructor and backcountry guide.

Pete Prediger

Clinical Therapist

Pete joined the Take a Hike program in September 2006. Pete focused on therapy with children and youth in his studies, and truly believes in the power of combining therapy with the outdoors to build relationships with youth.

Meghan McCann

Adventure-Based Learning Specialist

Meghan joined Take a Hike in 2013. She has dedicated her personal and professional life to creating outdoor opportunities for youth as a means of self-exploration, growth and humility.

Megan Jespersen

Clinical Therapist

Megan draws from her 15 years of international guiding while facilitating therapeutic journeys through adventure based therapy. Joining Take A Hike was a natural evolution for Megan as she has witnessed the undeniable impact that a connection to nature has upon our connection to ourselves, and all that exists around and within us.

Brian O'Neill

Clinical Therapist

Brian started as a Take a Hike volunteer in April 2015 and joined the staff team in September 2016. He has worked with teens and lead groups in outdoor adventures for 15 years and sees the integration of experiential therapy and education, outdoor challenges, and quality relationships as a powerful context for maturation and transformation.

Jay Wade

Youth & Family Worker

Jay has been working in the outdoors for over 17 years - as a wildlife biologist, backcountry guide and outdoor experiential educator. Jay is excited to be part of the Take a Hike team to foster healthy living and inspire youth to deeply explore the world within them and the world around them.