Take a Hike Vancouver

Take a Hike Vancouver has been running since 2000 and is an innovative education program engaging at-risk youth through a unique combination of academics, adventure-based learning, therapy and community involvement. Based at John Oliver Secondary School, Take a Hike Vancouver operates in partnership with School District 39 (Vancouver Board of Education).

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Thank You for Actually Caring About Us

Before I joined Take a Hike, in simple terms, I was lost. I failed most of my classes in Grade 11, probably because I never went. I spent most of my time smoking weed with my friends and crying over how unfortunate my life was. I did not have any motivation or inspiration to change, I did not want any.

From the Mouths of Adventurers

The multi-day expeditions at Take a Hike challenge our students mentally, physically, emotionally & spiritually. Keeping a journal is important to the intense experience-processing of these expeditions and is also a requirement for students’ English academic credits.

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