All our supporters are tremendous ambassadors of our program and we appreciate their generous support and commitment to Take a Hike. We are proud to count Clara Hughes, Summer and Winter Olympic medalist, as a true champion of the Take a Hike program.


In 2010, Clara Hughes generously donated her $10,000 bronze medal bonus to the Take a Hike Foundation. We are extremely honoured to have an incredible Canadian Olympian support us and recognize Take a Hike for its impact on at-risk youth. The night before her 3,000 meter bronze medal race, Clara Hughes read some stories of the youth on the Take a Hike Foundation website; the stories resonated. Hughes has been candid about her troubled youth, and she sees herself in the Take a Hike youth:

“I was one of those students that didn't care about anything and I was involved with a lot of drinking at a young age and drugs and smoking a pack a day. That was me. And this is me now. There is a way out. It's different for every person. Sport is not the (only) answer, but I think goals and dreams and a sense of self-worth is the answer.

I really believe Take a Hike parallels what sport has done for me. It took me out of a really bad direction and path in life and this program is something that works. I think this is going to shift the direction of some lives, just like sport did for me.” - Clara Hughes

Not only has Hughes given her medal bonus, she has also given her time. She spent a morning with the Take a Hike youth, answering questions and speaking about her Olympic experience and the path she took to get there. She delivered a powerful message: that no matter what your background is or bumpy road you have taken to-date, you have the potential to do anything you dream to do. After the chat, they all headed to the ice rink for some fun on skates! One of the youth commented on her visit: "It's very inspiring to hear her speak, it teaches us that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and anyone can be anything as long as you set your mind to it."

Thank you Clara.

To learn why Clara Hughes supports Take a Hike:

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Why does Clara Hughes support Take a Hike? A Message From Clara Hughes to Canadian Communities

Clara Hughes with Take a Hike