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Take a Hike partners with school boards and community leaders to set up new programs in communities with a strong support network.

It takes one to two years of dedicated work to move a Take a Hike program from concept to the classroom opening. The amount of time varies from community to community and depends largely on the amount of time the school district and community champions can devote to the project.

Take a Hike works with communities where:


Take a Hike’s approach to expansion has several phases to ensure the physical and economic environments of the community are conducive for a successful implementation.

Phase 1: Engagement (1-2 years before the program opens)

The engagement phase is a high-level assessment of the potential for a partnership between Take a Hike and the school district.

Phase 2: Qualification (3-6 months in duration)

The qualification phase is an in-depth assessment of the partnership. Conversation result in detailed plans and budgets for program implementation, community engagement and fundraising.

Phase 3: Approval

The school district and Take a Hike approve the partnership, and sign a formal letter of intent.

Phase 4: Fund Development and Awareness Building (3-12 months in duration)

During this phase the required funds, awareness and support are put in place before program implementation begins.

Phase 5: Implementation (begins no less than 6-months before the class opens)

Once the required funds are in place the school district, Take a Hike and community champions begin to implement the plans developed in the qualification phase.

Phase 6: Execution

Take a Hike provides structured support and supervision for all classroom staff members and community champions steward volunteers and donors, and secure sources of longer-term funding.

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We believe our model for helping at-risk youth to positively change their lives can benefit many communities. If your community meets Take a Hike’s qualification criteria, we will commit the time, expertise and resources required to launch the Take a Hike program in your community.