Our Impact

Along with academics and adventure-based learning, our students gain experiences and survival skills for life.

As we work to broaden our reach, we support local youth with this unique and proven program helping at-risk youth graduate from high school and go on to lead meaningful, productive lives. Take a Hike students make positive decisions, leading them to graduate from high school and realize their full potential.

The Take a Hike program has a positive impact on a number of areas including:


Students show marked improvement in their academics – with many students having success in their courses, earning their Dogwoods, having a spot on the honour roll and earning their Duke of Edinburgh Award.


Students complete at least two hours of volunteering per week which has a positive effect on both the community and on the students’ sense of responsibility and ability to make a difference.

Personal Growth

The outdoor trips force students to use their problem-solving skills and require them to learn how to work as part of a team. They experience stress, but also learn how to deal with these issues and experience a sense of accomplishment and success. Students experience a marked improvement in physical fitness, and several have also quit smoking.

Student Intake