Teck Partners With Take a Hike West Kootenays on EZ Rock Radio

If you tune into EZ Rock Kootenay Radio during the month of August you’ll hear about our Take a Hike West Kootenay program in the Teck Community Update, generously supported by Teck. We’re very grateful for the continued partnership with Teck, who are working with the Take a Hike West Kootenay program to empower vulnerable youth in our rural community.

This week Community Engagement Leader for Teck Trail Operations, Carol Vanelli Worosz, joined our Community Engagement Manager in the West Kootenays, Karen Waldal, at EZ Rock radio to talk about how the West Kootenay program is providing students with individualized support. Listen in to the update below, which will air every day during the month of August.

Thank you to Carol and Teck for this wonderful opportunity.

Take a Hike West Kootenay Classroom
Sevan Kadian