Vancouver Whitecaps Players Visit Take a Hike With Bell Outside The Box

It was an exciting day for our Vancouver junior class when Whitecaps players Andy Rose and Scott Sutter visited our students to learn more about Take a Hike for Bell Outside the Box.

The players spent some time getting to know the students by first joining them for “circle,” a daily Take a Hike ritual where staff and students check in with each other emotionally and mentally, and share personal reflections. Andy and Scott were great role models, openly sharing about the challenges on their own path to success and keen to lean about what the students had experienced on theirs.

The students then took the soccer players outdoors to teach them a thing or two about adventuring in the wilderness, something neither Andy or Scott had actually done before. It was a fun experience for everyone, topped by the best surprise of brand new sleeping bags for a whole classroom.

We’re so grateful to Bell Canada and the Whitecaps Football Club for getting involved in the community and lending their support. You can view the video of the wonderful visit here.

Sevan Kadian