"I have learned to take control over my life"

I never felt I belonged at school. It was like a wind tunnel rushing past me. I first started skipping school because my dad was in the hospital and I decided to take on some odd jobs to help support the family. Soon I dropped out completely and started working at a car dealership and when I missed an opportunity to get an apprenticeship through work because I hadn’t finished high school, I knew something had to change.

Last year I found TAH and became a part of the first class of students in the West Kootenay program. I actually attended school, my emotions and moods became more manageable and I felt like I belonged. My life was changing for the better. I have learned to take control over my life and become a leader of myself and among my classmates. I can’t wait to challenge my friends on our out-days and multi-day trips, and get an education I feel proud of. I’m excited to graduate with my friends.

— Billy, Student @WestKootenay

Sevan Kadian