"A program that is both realistic and ambitious"

My son is a particularly intelligent, creative, enthusiastic, engaged and cheerful young man – all qualities that would lend themselves to academic success, no?

Sadly, this was not the case for Devon, and he has struggled in mainstream education so terribly that I feared he would become disillusioned with academia altogether and end up dropping out of high school. Luckily, instead, we found the Take a Hike program – an innovative education alternative that allowed my son to work to his strengths and enjoy meaningful participation  within both his school and community.

The physical activity allows him to make the very best of his kinetic learning skills, and program staff have worked closely with both Devon and me to tailor a program that is both realistic and ambitious. He has now chosen the college he wishes to attend upon graduation, and much of his very bright future can be credited to how lucky he was in getting to Take a Hike.

— Kyra, Parent @WestKootenay

Sevan Kadian