"More than just getting kids outside, it's about getting back on track."

Life was rough. I felt scared to go to school. I was picked on because I was poor and didn’t learn as quickly as others. I started using drugs to escape and stopped going to school because I was bullied, physically and emotionally. I became angry at everything, with suicidal thoughts. Life had no meaning.

When I joined Take a Hike it didn’t take me long to figure out that this program was about more than just getting kids outside. For me, it was about getting back on track. Without the support from my friends and TAH, I would not be the confident girl I am today. I would still be sitting at home in a dark room, playing video games, and hating the world. My future looks brighter than I ever imagined a year ago.

— Decca, Student @WestKootenay

Sevan Kadian