Job Posting - Teacher, Delta  

Take a Hike is a full-time alternate high school program that uses the outdoors and adventure to engage vulnerable youth in school, community and mental health supports. We provide full-time clinical counselors in each classroom to help students overcome barriers so they can achieve social and academic success, leading to high school graduation.  



·         Teachers will have a comprehensive understanding of curriculum, coupled with the ability to interpret curriculum appropriately to accommodate individual differences and incorporate personalized learning. 

·         Teachers will design and provide all students with timely formative and summative assessments that align with essential learning outcomes and monitor student progress effectively and communicate with parents in a timely manner. 

·         Teachers will implement effective and progressive classroom management strategies with diverse learners. 

·         Teachers will be involved in professional development with an ongoing commitment to learn and implement new methodologies and strategies. 

·         Teachers will work collaboratively with the rest of the Take a Hike team, students, and parents to enhance the school as a learning community. 


·         Focused on prevention – provide instruction for students who are academically at risk (e.g. failure, drop-out) 

·         Teach a variety of subjects at the middle and/or secondary levels (10 to 12 ) 

·         In consultation with the therapist and team members, case manage or co-case manage, design and implement IEPs/SLPs as required 

·         Complete file reviews, documentation and paperwork required for behaviour designations 

·         Provide opportunities for health and career education and life skills development 

·         Maintain a safe and caring environment in the classroom 

·         Connect with high-risk youth in a non-judgmental, patient and optimistic manner 

·         Reporting on student progress 

·         Assist with the development of student behaviour and student safety plans 



·         Bachelor’s degree in Education  

·         Successful teaching experience with at-risk youth, preferable in an alternate setting 

·         Training and/or experience at both the Middle Years and Secondary Core Curriculum 

·         Experience teaching students with a variety of learning issues and designations as outlined by the Ministry of Education 


·         Experience working with students with dual designations and complex learning profiles (eg. Students with a learning disability and behavioural issues or students with complex emotional/learning needs) 

·         Knowledge of and experience with trauma-informed practice and social-emotional learning strategies 

·         Experience with counselling youth and people in crisis and confident with behaviour management  

·         First aid, preferably Wilderness (min. 40 hours) 

·         Log of multi-day expeditions of different types in remote terrain (at least 40 days recommended)  

·         Physically fit (must be able to support and lead students in outdoor activities)  



·         Certification and/or training, as well as teaching experience, in hiking, backpacking, ocean kayaking, canoeing, rock climbing, cycle touring, essential outdoor skills (minimum impact camping, outdoor cooking, first aid, map and compass skills, weather interpretation, snow shelter construction, equipment preparation, clothing selections, trip planning, etc.) 

·         Knowledge and experience in winter backcountry wilderness travel 

·         Avalanche Skills and Safety Training (AST 1) is considered an asset (will be a requirement if candidate is successful and does not have AST 1 certification) 

·         Knowledge of and practice in risk-management for adventure-based learning opportunities 

·         Class 4 Drivers License  

 Please apply by sending your resume, cover letter, and trip log (if applicable) to