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Our original classroom, Take a Hike Vancouver has been empowering vulnerable youth since 2000. Take a Hike Vancouver has two classrooms, one for grades 10-11 and one for grades 11-12, with each class having their own teacher, youth worker, and clinical counsellor, and the adventure-based learning specialist working between both classrooms.

Based at John Oliver Secondary School, Take a Hike Vancouver operates in partnership with School District 39 (Vancouver Board of Education).


Vancouver Student Intake


If you are a student that would like to apply to the Take a Hike program in Vancouver or a parent or counsellor looking for information, please contact the intake personnel below. They will gladly answer your questions and provide you with guidance.

Access our application paperwork here.

Applicants are matched to the program by the school district, and will be notified of their intake status. Upon acceptance to the program students must sign a medical clearance form before attending classes. 

Take a Hike Vancouver

Grade 10/11 
Adriann Conner (available September – June) 

Grade 11/12 
Keri Tomlinson (available September – June)