Donor Connection Event: Harness Hope for Youth at Risk

March 16, 2011

* Story written by one of our generous donors who also volunteers with the Foundation.

On Wednesday morning, March 16th, a small group of students, staff, volunteers and board members met at the UBC Ropes Course for a morning of challenge and fun put on by the UBC Ropes Course in partnership with Pacific Adventure Learning.  Luckily the rain stopped and the sun tried to shine as we all met our Ropes course guides.

View the event photo album here.

We were divided into groups and each group had to work together to come up with solutions as to how to survive seemingly impossible situations with leadership, teamwork and brainstorming ideas.  We all managed to stop the ship from capsizing; we built bridges, walked blindfolded across a tightrope, and survived other death defying feats without losing any team members!  The students were impressive in their ability to work together and form a plan to save us all!

Our final achievement was to climb a huge tree ladder.  The more athletic, fearless members of the team had no problem but the real focus was on helping the rest of us reach our highest potential.  It certainly felt good to be back on firm ground at the end of it!

Lunch was served and a short discussion led by Executive Director Jaydeen and program therapist Pete Prediger finished off the morning.  One of the grade 12 students shared his experience in Take a Hike with the entire group.  I think everyone learned a little bit about themselves and benefitted from the unique way in which we were shown how teamwork and communication is so important in all walks of life.

Students from the Art Institute of Vancouver’s Event Planning course organized the event for Take a Hike and we would like to thank them for putting on a great event!  Thank you girls! 

Thank you to our generous sponsors!